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Our capabilities

Get answers to your questions about your customers, competitors, and markets so you can better capitalize on trends and growth opportunities.

  • Product Awareness/ Brand equity
  • New Product & Technology Development
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Market sizing & Forecasts
  • Market share & Specification share


Our Clients

  • Our clients include manufacturers, contractors, distributors, owners, architects, engineers, industry associations, and adjacent markets. 


What makes HOUSELINK unique?

  • Proprietary HOUSELINK database of construction projects is used as the basis of customer segmentation, market sizing, top prospect identification, spec share analysis. Real data provides fact-based, actionable insights.
  • HOUSELINK database enables micro-targeting of survey samples to get insights that will meet your needs. Examples:
    • Sample of architects who specify a certain product category
    • Sample of owners who incorporate green/sustainability
    • Sample of contractors currently bidding for work on factories in Vietnam.
  • HOUSELINK’s industry-leading Outlook forecast and methodology are widely accepted as the industry standard for market sizing and forecasting.
  • Online panels of industry professionals enable quick, affordable, primary market research.
  • Far-reaching industry relationships enable high-impact qualitative interviews and focus groups with targeted customer samples.
  • Deep knowledge of construction industry, market trends, and economic conditions provides the foundation for all market research, thus reducing the risk that the impact of an important industry dynamic has been overlooked.

Market Research Expertise and Experience

The right survey sample

The HOUSELINK website portal provides our research team with appropriate sample from the Architect/ Engineer/Contractor/Owner community. For example, we can:

  • Identify those owners who incorporate green and sustainability in their projects
  • Select architects based on the products they specify


HOUSELINK database

Most comprehensive coverage of construction projects in Vietnam

  • Tracking over 2000 active projects annually
  • 1000 digitized plans and specifications
  • Monitoring 10.000  AEC and Owner decision makers in Vietnam
Instrument design
  • Discovery phase—investigation to fact find and share information between client project team and HOUSELINK researchers
  • Selection of appropriate collection method—the three major methods of CATI, online, and mail vary in usefulness depending on the survey instrument
  • Guidance on suitability of firmagraphic, attitudinal, and behavioral questioning to the research objectives
  • Compliance with industry standards for ethical research practices
Advanced analytical techniques tested in the real world
  • Key driver analysis to identify major factors behind purchasing behavior and overall customer satisfaction
  • Conjoint/segmentation  analysis to determine what attributes most influence a targeted customer base
  • Price point testing to support alternative go-to-market strategies
Integration into client business model
  • Providing specific, prioritized, and actionable recommendations to improve value to customers
  • Full immersion in your business, enabling us to recommend actions leading to better strategic and tactical business planning
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